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Using art to articulate for others that are powerless to speak for themselves - Transforming peoples lives through the Metropolitan Sanctuary for Sick Children, Neyri Kenya.


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Latest Updates

The Outcome for SA papermaking workshop from Christmas sales

November was a crazy time here in Northern Ireland. We, me and a 5 other women, standing out in open air markets in the pouring rain (on occasion) and in the freezing cold (every time!) selling paper for the sole benefit of The Sanctuary Artists Workshop in Kenya. And it was worth it!

The pressure to sustain the progress that the project has been making over the last years, comes firmly on my shoulders at that time of year - we have to make the money at Christmas to keep the project going. At the beginning when all the paper is piled high, a real sinking feel comes over me with the dreaded thought ‘you ain’t ever gonna sell all this!’ ... but little by little, we do.

This year we have successful sold enough to support the project for yet another year. We will be able to train and employ another Mama, buy vital equipment for the workshop to keep the product developing and, amongst all the craziness of selling, pioneered a UK schools program that will utilise the paper, implement workshops, assembly demonstrations and fundraising initiatives. Not bad for one months work, this side of the sea.

So if you did buy SA this year - thank you so much! A year has past where we have seen 200 card board chairs make for the disabled slum children and the development of wonderful handmade paper.

The Brunei Gallery SOAS London

The Sanctuaryartists are currently in the process of re-engaging with the theme of Sanctuary for the exhibition that will be held at The Brunei Gallery SOAS London from the 11th July - 23rd September 2013.  Each artist has continued to explore themes relating to Sanctuary in their own practice over the last 2 years, but it is an exciting time again for the artists, to collectively think about how their work relates once again, to one another and to the context of Sanctuary within a new space and a different Country.  It is also interesting to see how the new dynamics of the 3 new artists within the group unfold.  It is hoped that it will forge further critical engagement with the subject, and generate deeper visual resonance's.

Over the coming months the artists will liaise through the use of Skype, to formulate a direction for a collaborative piece for the exhibition.  This time of dialogue is essential to shape the direction of the exhibition and helps to bring critical awareness to each individuals work that they are in the process of making.  

We want to make a collaborative work that will be based on Audience participation, so we will be keeping you posted! 

Kenya Update

Greetings from Kenya! It has really been a busy time in the workshop lately! The women were all delighted to be getting extra hours for the last couple of months, preparing our first Christmas ever line of products. I am sure any who see them will agree they look absolutely fantastic and the women and I are really pleased with them! Products include Christmas cards, tree hangings and notelet gift sets. The range has all been made using our own paper product in varieties of banana leaf paper, sugarcane paper, eucalyptus tree paper and also our fantastic coloured rag paper! The bright coloured paper made from old cotton rags mixed with the natural vegetation tones work beautifully together.

For any interested in purchasing the products please see pricing and and point of sale information below. Another great idea we have this year is the opportunity to buy a gift card instead of a Christmas present for your loved one. The gift cards include buying a cardboard chair for a disabled child for £20, run the bakery for a day for £25 feeding up to 600 people here with bread, and feed a family for a week for £10. This will be a great opportunity to do something worthwhile in the spirit of giving and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.. what Christmas is all about after all! The cardboard chairs and standing frames have been very successful here... instead of disabled children lying on a old mattress or floor.. they are up sitting upright, looking around them..  supported posturally to minimise deformity, feeding better, breathing better, using their hands better.. and above all, sitting with their families for the first time, which is so important to enhance their quality of life. We continue to have a waiting list now of around 50 chairs to be made so please continue to support this worthy cause. One little boy Mureithi we brought a chair to  a few weeks ago simply laid in a bed all day long, biting his hands.. he now sits up in his chair out in the fresh air while mum works outside, and engages with those around him. Truly wonderful!

Am really looking forward to going home this Christmas in 10 sleeps time!! So am going to be flat out cutting more chair panels over the next week to keep the women going in my absence.. all worth it though.. going to be a better Christmas for many disabled children and their families this year. We need all the support we can get to ensure that all our Christmas products will sell this season and if it does, it will keep these women in work and support their families for the next 12 months - what a privilege! And what high end beautiful cards.. Thank you all for your interest and support.

Products -

Gift Box (including 6 notelets, envelopes, tags, and decorative hanging wrapped in tissue) = £10.95
Christmas cards set of 10 = £10.95
Christmas cards individual = £2.20
Tree hanging = £2.50
Tree hangings set of 4 = £8.00

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